Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chocolate Tasting

I attended a class reunion this past weekend. One of the fun activities they offered was a chocolate tasting. What a fabulous idea to perk up a party! Whether it's your book club, your church group, or your fifteen year old daughter's sleepover -- a chocolate tasting will always be a hit.

Buy candy boxes through eBay or a local chocolatier.

Select chocolate bars to taste and break them into bite size pieces. Keep them small. Print out a guide to the chocolates inside and add a festive ribbon. Be sure to include one fun chocolate that will elicit vivid responses, like a chocolate laced with chili!

This would also make a fun wedding favor that could easily be assembled well in advance of the big day.

Five cupcakes for chocolate tastings!


sree said...

sounds Yummy and fun!!!!

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