Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mosquito Swallow

I'm excited to welcome Kaye George as a guest blogger today. Kaye is the author of many published short stories, the most recent HANDBASKETS, DRAWERS, AND A KILLER COLD in the January 2009 issue of “Crooked” ezine and RETRANSFORMATION in the Summer 2008 edition of “Mysterical-E” ezine (first place Muse contest). She recently completed DEATH IN THE TIME OF ICE, a Neanderthal thriller.

I got one of these last year and LOVE it. Hubbie and I like to sit out at night and chat and relax and he’s one of those delicious people. Mosquitoes adore the taste of him. They don’t like me so much, but even I get bitten when they’re thick, as they are when it’s rained recently.

When I saw this product advertised on television, I ran to the computer and ordered one. The next year they sent out a replacement part to improve the design. No charge! We now sit and relax with no sprays or fogs, just our lovely Mosquito Swallow. It uses nothing but water and a dead leaf. It has to be refilled every week or so, since the water will evaporate, but that’s it for upkeep. At the end of the season you can clean it out. (Or the beginning of next season, like I do because I forget.)

It’s not a beautiful thing, but it’s unobtrusive. And it works! The company’s website is

This product is designed for a specific mosquito, which occurs in the SE, but seems to be spreading rapidly. We live near Austin, TX, in prime Asian Tiger Mosquito Territory. The map shows where this pest lives.


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