Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out, Out, Darned Char

It happens to all of us. A distracting phone call, someone at the door, or just plain juggling too many things at once -- and when we come back to the stove, not only is the food ruined, but the pot looks like it might be ruined, too. There is a way to rescue your pot without scrubbing until your arm breaks.

It's a little bit counter-intuitive, though. Put it back on the burner. Add enough water to cover the bottom about an inch. Let it come to a boil. If it's a really bad scorch, you might want to let it boil a few minutes. Remove from heat and add baking soda. If you add the baking soda before you boil it, it will bubble up and overflow. No damage done, as long as you catch it before you have a second mess on your hands. Leave the water in the pot and let stand. Again, if it's very bad, you might want to let it stand overnight. Then just wash it. Good as new.


sree said...

Thank you for the handy kitchen tip...:)

Patg said...

Aaaahhhh, Krista, I think something to consider here is why anyone still has a phone connected to a wall anywhere in the house these days.
However, yes, a good tip, and you don't have to walk away and forget about some pots to have this happen.

Lorna Barrett said...

According to Kim and Aggie (from Britain's HOW CLEAN IS YOUR HOUSE), boiling Coke is a great way to clean a scorched pan. The thing is -- I don't drink Coke (or any cola), so I've never been able to test it.

Krista said...

Pat, I still have those ancient phones. They're the only ones that work when the electricity goes out!

Lorna, I've heard that about Coke. I never have it on hand, though. I did try using it for a cleaning project once, but couldn't say it made a bit of difference.

Krista said...

Sree, love those raspberries!

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