Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yo Ho Ho and a Cheese Puff?

Now that summer is here, it's movie time. But popcorn and chips are beginning to get old, and you'd really like to graze on something a little bit healthier, right? Pirate's Booty to the rescue. These savory treats are baked, not fried. They contain all natural ingredients with no preservatives or colors and supposedly contain half the calories of potato chips. Gluten free and trans fat free, you can munch guilt free.

Even more important, though, they taste great. The puffs have a nice crisp crunch. My favorite is the Aged White Cheddar, with a pleasantly salty cheese flavor that isn't overwhelming. I admit I am not a fan of the Veggie flavor. But Aged White Cheddar gets five cupcakes from me!


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