Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny Wedding Story

This story is so amusing that it won Coco Ihle a copy of The Diva Takes the Cake.

My ex-husband and I were congenially preparing for our son’s wedding, but my ex’s girlfriend was trying her best to make the experience a total nightmare for me. I asked my ex if she could possible be excluded from this event. After all, she had nothing to do with raising our son. My ex agreed, but she wasn’t having it. She was going to attend every event, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception, no matter what.

I found out from my future daughter-in-law what my ex’s girlfriend would be wearing to the wedding and decided to wear this same dress at the rehearsal dinner, the night before. I never said anything to anyone about my problem, but I suspected the gossip mongers had spread the news that the girlfriend might show up.

When the night of the rehearsal dinner arrived, I took special care to look my best. I was calm, friendly, and enthusiastic, excited about this new couple, who would soon spend their lives together. I have to admit, I looked great and felt like a million bucks. I was a beaming mother of the groom.

It wasn’t long before the girlfriend made her fashionably late appearance, strutting into the hotel ballroom with her head held in her normal stuck-up position, her hair bouncing. As she glided into the room obviously hoping all eyes would be on her, she got her wish. All eyes looked at her and then gravitated to me. Her eyes followed and suddenly widened. The next thing I knew, she had abruptly turned and rushed from the room.

I didn’t see her again, not at the dinner, the wedding or the reception. Problem solved. It was worth the price of the dress, which I, with a big grin on my face, later ceremoniously burned.


S. said...

Nice! I would've done a very similar thing! Weddings are a very fun time for everyone. My favorite time is, of course, the wedding reception. A friend of mine got married recently and she had this great Chicago Wedding Band playing. I never knew that a live band at a wedding could be so much fun! But great job on getting rid of that girl! =)

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