Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kill Those Pesky Weeds

This nifty gadget is the Bernzomatic Self-Igniting Outdoor Torch. In other words, a flame thrower. It looks a little bit like a cane. A clever design really. It's held by the curved handle at the top. You attach a bottle of propane at the end of the handle and a flame comes out at the bottom. It's not a huge flame, but it's just the right size to burn those pesky weeds that grow between stones on your terrace, between brick pavers, and manage (though heaven know how) to sprout in your asphalt driveway and concrete sidewalk.

I have to emphasize that it's not meant for general weed control in the garden and that you have to take caution not to start a fire by burning dry plants. Last year, someone used a weed whacker too close to my house. It threw a stone at a glass door, and in seconds, a beautiful pattern spread as the tempered glass broke. It sounded like ice breaking. (Okay, didn't seem so beautiful when it happened.) The Bernzomatic is the perfect choice for killing weeds in places that shouldn't be weed-whacked. And if you live in a cold climate, it's also recommended for melting ice in the winter. It runs about $40. I found the best price on Amazon.

Five cupcakes!


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