Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Tip #11

A clever variation on a traditional cake and decor from Joy Isley.

I recently went to a small wedding where the table decorations were flowers in angel food cake pans, cookie cutters strewn along the tables, and sprinkles of cake decorations sprinkled along with the ribbons down the cener of the tables.. The wedding cake was a small decorated cake and the guests ate cookes instead. There were several different types of cookies that the church ladies made.
Was interesting to see all of the men grab the brownies or chocolate covered peanut butter cookies. I heard a lot of comments that those were really good cookies. Each cookie donator brought 100 copies of the recipes of their cookies for the guests to take. You know how a lot of people don't like the cakes served at weddings because they tend to be bland or dry or too much frosting on them. I thought it was a unique idea and the men really appreciated it. Oh, and the bride got several recipe cards from the guests with their favorite recipe for her.


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