Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Tip # 12

Patti O'Brien was married two years ago and sent a long list of tips. Some of these were sentiments voiced by others, so I'm sharing her entire letter with you because It's a lovely wrap-up and a wonderful reminder that a wedding isn't just about one day in your life.

Have the wedding you want, not what someone else (parents, future in-laws, friends) wants. Graciously (very graciously) take their advice, but it comes down to what you and your fiance want for your day.

Remember that this is only ONE DAY, that wedding and marriage are two different concepts. A wedding is one special event in your lives, but not the last special event you will ever celebrate. You will have many joys throughout your marriage, and have many special events together. Maintain perspective.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding (and granted, we were in our early 40s) we decided that if the event started to get stressful, we would bail and elope. For us, a day that was supposed to be happy and enjoyable should not cause arguments and stress between the couple, family or friends.

Enjoy everything surrounding your wedding--it is special, and everyone does wish you the very best. Bask in all those good wishes.

Be grateful, and thank everyone who helps you in any way, and be as prompt as possible with the thank you notes that you send out. I was always amazed by how generous everyone was during this time in our lives.

Have a friend/wedding coordinator assist you at the wedding and reception to make sure things run smoothly--it's better if it's not a member of the bridal party or a parent. The coordinator should have a schedule of events, and makes sure these things don't run too late. If the coordinator is a friend, thank her or him with a gift.

Have fun at your own wedding!!! I can't stress this one enough! Take a moment here and there with your spouse, and enjoy being together surrounded by friends and family. Don't forget to take the time to greet everyone in attendance--they took time to be with you on your special day, you should take the time to greet them in some way throughout the day. But for those of you with music in some form at your wedding, don't forget to get out on the dance floor either :).


Ken said...

I was at Patti's wedding and it really was a wonderful event!

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