Friday, July 17, 2009

Wedding Tip #5

Clergy and their wives go through more weddings than Elizabeth Taylor. This advice from wedding pros Lynn S. Smith-Roberts and Kathlyn Chin might save the day!

From Lynn S. Smith-Roberts
Make sure to have an emergency kit in case things start to fall apart. Include: Scotch tape; needle & at least 2 threads, black and white, & maybe another the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses; floral tape; pen; ring substitutes;
Bobby pins; safety pins; straight pins; a book, or, even better, a box of matches; and a copy of the ceremony; or at least the vows; and make sure you have the marriage license and envelope for the officiant to sign and send to the appropriate office. [It should have a stamp on it.] If you are going to have wine poured into goblets, make sure you have the wine and goblets, or reasonable facsimiles – and a corkscrew! And other kinds of props, like candles, or whatever you are using.

As a minister, I have carried most of these, and it has been a lifesaver, putting bouquets back together, taping up pantlegs that the stitching has come out of, putting buttons back on, repairing eyeglasses, sewing up torn veils, and all of those little hideous things that happen at the last minute.

And from Kathlyn Chin
Another tip for the wedding organizer (and a great idea to keep in a Vera Bradley bag!) is to keep the usual supplies that go awry. These would included: extra pantyhose for those unbecoming runs or clear nail polish; a clean, moist washcloth to brush off crumbs or gently clean an area without leaving shreds of paper towels behind; mints, gum, a bottle of cool water, safety pins, small sewing kit with a variety of colors of thread to match the party’s dress, comb, bobby pins, a list of all the vendors cell phones including names of all the reception/church staff, relatives, an extra guest list, extra pens for the guest table, an assortment of extra batteries for cameras, and lastly, a list of nearby local pharmacies, markets, hospitals, clinics, etc. for exotic locale weddings or out-of-town guests.


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