Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Tip #6

Helpful wedding tip # 6 is about being organized. Yes, you can use your computer, but notebooks and at-a-glance calendars might just be more useful than spreadsheets when it comes to wedding plans.

From Beth McKay:
A tip both Sophie and Natsha will love. (I'm sure Natasha's will be designer or ornately personalized):

Whether you are using a wedding planner or saving money with a do it yourself wedding, invest in a sturdy 3-ring binder and a pack of tab dividers. Make several sections to keep all wedding info together:

Guest list
Gift list, with notations when thank you cards are sent
honeymoon info
rehearsal dinner -- place, caterer, decor, etc.
reception -- place, caterer, decor, etc.
other vendors

Categories can be personalized to suit the particulars of the wedding. For extra convenience, a package of page protectors will go a long way to preserve the originals of receipts, contracts, etc. for filing behind each tab divider.

I still have my wedding planning notebook -- nearly 21 years after we used it. For an investment of $10 or less (depending on the number of dividers and page protectors), a bargain for planners and the planning challenged.

And from Anne Tomlin:
From the local office supply store, buy an erasable (for inevitable changes) one-year wall calendar that you can hang in plain sight to track dates for contacting the venue, church, florist, seamstress for alterations and to plot dates for meetings with the minister, photographer, organist, etc. and ordering/writing/mailing out invitations. Very satisfying to X out completed tasks as the big day approaches and serves as a better visual reminder (or panic-inducer) than the spsreadsheet program in your computer - also a backup.


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