Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding Tip #8 Children

A smart idea for children at winter weddings, from JT Thompson.

I was at a wedding a few months ago that had the best idea I've ever seen. A few of the young guests had brought their children with them - returning to Ireland for the wedding from Australia, Bali, France, the Americas - and some adults were wondering how they were going to keep two- to eight-year-olds from becoming fractious over the course of a long dinner.

It was a December wedding, so Santa was still in season. The bride and groom roped him in, and he arrived and called up each child by name - the littler ones going up hand-in-hand with a brother or sister or parent or aunt - and gave each one a nicely wrapped present.

Inside was a bunch of puzzles, crayons, colouring books and storybooks, which - with the help of loving parents - kept the children happy and occupied during the hour or so they stayed at the dinner.

It was the final lovely touch at a gorgeous wedding, where the groom's speech, full of love for his bride, had the guests brimming over, and that first dance - to 'D'ya love me, now that I can dance?' - was a jive with much brio and happiness.


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