Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Touch Can Opener Revisited

Those of you who read The Diva Dishes regularly may recall that I was not a fan of the One Touch can opener. I thought it was a great idea, but the two I bought failed miserably and landed in the trash, which was tantamount to throwing out $40, which made me very unhappy. A friend (who obviously does not read this blog!) recently gave me a One Touch as a gift. It was very thoughtful, but I had memories of the old ones and was doubtful about it. Guess what -- they've improved it considerably, and it even opens the huge bulky pumpkin cans I use all the time. And now, to prove that it works, I offer --

Congratulations, One Touch. You recognized the shortcomings of your product and changed it for the better. And no sharp edges, either!

Five cupcakes for the One Touch!


Kaye George said...

Oh goody! I never got one because of your experience. Now I can put it on my Christmas list. How funny that someone gave you one! I'm glad they did.

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