Monday, May 17, 2010

Garlic Naan

I am totally in love with this Indian style bread I found at my local Kroger. I bought the garlic version, but it comes without garlic, too. Made by International Fabulous Flats, this Naan is preservative-free. It can be prepared on a pan, the grill, the oven or over an open flame on a gas stove. Talk about versatile! Ideal to take along on a camping trip.

I tried heating it on a pan (we're talking 2-3 minutes!), then used it to make a flatbread melt and a veggie roll. Worked ideally for both.

Later on, I tossed one on the grill (again for a couple of minutes), brushed it with a little bit of olive oil and everyone raved about it.

Five cupcakes for International Fabulous Flats Garlic Naan!


BryannaR22369 said...

the food is delicious!............................................................

Lorna Barrett said...

Oh, I didn't know you were still blogging here, or I'd be checking more often. (Wanted to refer to an old post of yours.)

Anyway, I LOVE garlic naan. This company now makes it for our local Wegmans chain and I buy it all the time. If you want it in a hurry, break it into pieces and pop it in the toaster. By the time I reheat leftover curry in the microwave, the naan is ready.

Carl Howard said...

I do with the Garlic Naan, pretty much what you do.
A wrap with hummus, a splash of lemon juice, capers, various herbs and seeds, pine nuts, sun dried tomato chunks. Nom nom nom.

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