Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Things Come in Plain Boxes

Sometimes I am an idiot. Hey! You didn't have to agree so fast. I'm going to blame my stupidity on a fondness for bling. There's a reason that manufacturers put so much money and effort into packaging -- to attract the attention of shoppers like me.

I was looking for crackers recently. Plain old Saltine type crackers that were organic. My eyes skipped right over the bland, recycled packaging of the Back to Nature products. In the end, I noticed it, and with some fear that the crackers would taste a lot like the brown cardboard boxes, I bought some to try.

They are fabulous!

You'll recognize the crackers they taste like from their appearance in the photo. I didn't do a blind taste test, but I can tell you I'm now a devotee. The graham crackers come in cute little rectangles that would be perfect for a toddler to hold, and they taste delicious.

Five cupcakes for Back to Nature!

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