Sunday, February 13, 2011

Himalayan Salt

One of my favorite comic strips is Pickles. I had a good laugh recently when a couple of the characters made fun of fancy salts and mentioned pink salt.

One of my new favorites is pink Himalayan Salt. It really is pink! The container says the salt comes from a region once covered by an unpolluted primordial ocean. They claim it's the "purest and most balanced salt on earth." Supposedly, our bodies metabolize this salt better than ordinary table salt.

I'm not sure about those claims, but I do find it to be a very pleasant salt. It's not as "salty" as regular table salt. While I suppose that could induce one to use more salt, I find that hasn't been the case for me. It has a pleasant taste and can be used wherever you use other salts, except perhaps for Kosher salt, which is quite different.

Learn more about Aloha Bay Himalayan Salt at Aloha Happily, it's a Fair Trade product.

Five cupcakes to Aloha Bay's Himalayan Salt!

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