Monday, March 7, 2011


Although I don't live too far from the Atlantic Coast as the seagull flies, for some reason our grocery stores are full of fish from half way around the world. Tonight as I ate fish from Australia, I couldn't help wondering if Australians eat fish from Virginia.

My Australian fish dining experience involved a Barramundi, a totally new fish to me. It's low in fat and contains heart healthy omega 3. Sold in the freezer section, it comes in a large pouch that says Australis Barramundi. The package claims that it's "one of the world's finest eating fish" and that it's "Australia's favorite fish." You can read more about this sea bass at The Better Fish.

Inside the package are two packages containing fish fillets. The fillets are fairly thin, which turns out to be very convenient for cooking. They can be baked in the oven, fried on a pan, or grilled. I chose to bake them and add a little bit of lemon butter garlic sauce on top. The fish has a very pleasant mild flavor, no overpowering fishy taste. The texture was great, it flaked nicely and wasn't mushy at all. Everyone present agreed that this is a fish we would be happy to eat more often.

Five cupcakes to Barramundi!


Sue and Mark said...

Hi from Down Under,
Barra is definitely a favourite fish here. It is usually served as big steaks so I was a little surprised to read that it was thin. I guess it would be easier to freeze, thaw and ship that way.
I am glad you enjoyed it and I haven't seen fish from Virginia here yet!
Did your ocicat get to lick the bowl afterwards?
Cheers from Sue at

Krista said...

Hi Sue. It's good to know that Barra really is popular Down Under!

Lick the bowl? Hah! My Ocicat demands his fair share of Barra! He likes it as much as we do. : )

~ Krista

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