Saturday, March 26, 2011

Death to Dandelions!

They're actually very pretty. What a lovely spray of yellow. But when we see these little flowers, or worse, the subsequent clouds of seeds that develop, we see RED!

I have been fighting these pesky things for so long that I have actually contemplated eating the leaves -- if I can't get rid of them, might as well use them!

In my quest to rid the yard of dandelions, I have bought several tools which were designed to pull them out. A not inexpensive metal thing with teeth on the end comes to mind. It's rusting in the garage somewhere.

Recently, however, I saw a demonstration of Grampa's Weeder. Could it possibly be as good as they said? I ordered one right away. It's a very simple tool. A long wooden handle is attached to a fairly sturdy metal gadget. See those two prongs? There are actually four of them. You push them on the middle of the weed, then rock the stick backward, using that longer arm as leverage, which forces the prongs to close, grabbing hold of the plant. All done from a standing position.

AND IT WORKS! Excuse the shouting, but I am in love with this thing. I walk with it every day (makes a fairly nice walking stick, too), pulling out dandelions as they bloom. Will I get them all? Maybe not this year, but I'm trying!

The idea is to pull out that long tap root. Now, I have to say that it's spring and we've had a lot of early April showers, making the ground nicely soft for weeding. So far, I am delighted with it. Check back with me in the summer when the soil is dry and hard!

Read more about Grampa's Weeder at Grampa's GardenWare Co.

Five cupcakes to Grampa's Weeder!


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